Six Reasons To Use A Buyers Agent In Utah

Dated: 01/11/2018

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1. It is FREE!

One thing that some buyers don't realize is that the seller of a listed home has agreed to pay the commission for BOTH the seller's agent AND the buyer's agent. That means, as a buyer, you can have a professional on your side for absolutely nothing. Zip! Nada!

2. Help negotiating a great price.  

A good agent has the history of home sales at his or her fingertips and can guide you in setting your offer's price. Going directly to the listing agent doesn’t make sense, since they are contract-bound to put the seller's interest first. 
And negotiating is less nerve-wracking when you have an agent standing between you and the seller's agent.

3. Use the Multiple Listing System (MLS) in all its glory.

The consumer's portal for the MLS - found at - is watered down. The most powerful tools are reserved for dues-paying Realtors® in Utah. A buyer's agent can narrow your search more quickly than you can, by using your wish list, then either email you daily "Hotsheets" or sit down and show you those options in person. In today’s market, homes worth buying are flying off the shelf. So, your agent can alert you the moment a good property comes on the market. That way you can be the first one to make that offer.

4. A buyer's agent works for you and ONLY you.  

Reason #2 mentioned the conflict in interest that the listing agent has when trying to represent you. Having your own agent also ensures confidentiality, loyalty, full disclosure and advice tailored to your needs. Plus you have access to the other professionals in your agent’s circle, such as lenders, inspectors, appraisers and title companies - people the agent knows will do their job competently and quickly.

5. You can relax.

Buying a home can be stressful and a major brain-drain. There is a huge learning curve and the rules are constantly changing. So sit back and save your brain juice for the important things in your life that your agent CAN'T help you with, like getting your kids to practice or trying out that new mountain bike.

6. And it’s FREE!

Oh, did I mention that already?
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