The Secret of EASILY Removing Hard Water Deposits from Glass

Dated: 03/06/2018

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Prepping your home for sale can be exhausting, so you will love this little tip. Almost all of the "professional" window cleaners don't even know this one.


I trained and worked with several different window cleaners and only ONE knew about this one. And I thank him for teaching me. It has made our life so much easier!


The Secret: Steel Wool and Liquid Soap

That's it. It's that simple! Put a drop of dishwashing soap on a steel wool pad, wet the glass and scrub away. Up and down, side to side. It only takes a few passes then a short spray with your shower head to keep your shower door crystal clear. And if you don't mind doing a household chore in the buff, do it while you are taking a shower. You won't be getting your clothes soggy wet. You might as well make a pass or two over that "anti-fog" mirror that keeps fogging up. The reason it starts to fog up is because hard water deposits attract water and vapor.


It may take a few more rounds on a window in a window well with lots of build up from sprinkler overspray, but steel wool gets it off more easily and quicker than the expensive and toxic chemicals that professional window cleaners use. At least the ones that never learned the steel wool secret.


And it doesn't scratch the glass.


So why don't you get in the habit of doing this now and you'll have less prepping to do when it's time to sell. Plus you get to benefit from the beautiful clean glass in the meantime.

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