How To Touch Up Paint Without Paint

Dated: 01/10/2018

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What do you do if you have scuff marks, crayon, hard to remove fingerprints and even pen on your walls? Well scrubbing it with a rag will do nothing. If you use cleanser, it removes the sheen on your paint and the spots where you cleaned are obvious.

Before, I was in the habit of grabbing a paint brush and the can of paint and touch it up. Well dang if I hadn't been wasting my time doing that, since Magic Eraser has been on the market for over 10 years and I missed the memo.  It is a great way to prep your home to put on the market without repainting (if your paint is in good shape.)

Just get a big box of these inexpensive foam pads and go to town. Magic Eraser does exactly what it boasts of... and more. I've even seen it take unsightly stains that drip from the gutter spikes on rain gutters. It saved the home owner hundreds of dollars in a paint job or thousands on an installation of new gutters.

AND A BONUS: I just found out that it does wonders in bathrooms. Our fiberglass tub/shower with textured bottom was disgusting and nothing got the brown, dirty-feet stains off. I tried cleanser, 409, and even a stiff brush in my cordless drill. But Magic Eraser got it ALL off. It shredded several erasers but that is just fine with me. The tub is clean again. Woohoo! I also found it removed stains on the grout and tile in our shower. Again, definitely worth shredding a few erasers.

Do you want to know more about the history of its development? Just follow this link: Click here

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